FUNDRATIOS 2015 the Charity Fundraising Benchmarking Project

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21 years of benchmarking fundraising performance

Benefit From Fundratios

Taking part in Fundratios enables you to assess the effectiveness of every aspect of your fundraising performance compared with that of other charities to identify opportunities for improve and help you to take action.

The project has been developed over the past 20 years in conjunction with a group of leading charities and the Institute of Fundraising. The charities joining the study range from small charities with a voluntary income of less than 2 million to many of the largest charities.

By taking part in the project you will be able to:

  • assess fundraising effectiveness, productivity and growth

  • compare returns from different fundraising campaigns

  • evaluate the success rate of activities against sector-wide standards

  • measure return on fundraising investment

  • benchmark response rates from fundraising initiatives


    How it works

    We have devised a set of benchmarks to assess and compare all major aspects of fundraising performance.

    Could your campaigns make better returns?

    We ask you to provide data in a carefully defined framework. We provide advice and guidance, check and verify the information and settle any queries with each charity. Then we provide the definitive report to each charity which enables you to benchmark every aspect of your fundraising performance.

    The report comprises approximately 200 pages with 70 detailed tables of results and around 40 charts and profiles, all of which are designed to enable you to assess the effectiveness of your fundraising programme. Each charity will have its performance compared with a group of similar size charities. It will also be able to see the results of all charities taking part.

    In addition you now have the option of having the Centre prepare a special report analysing, illustrating and commenting specifically on your own results.

    What You Get

    The report you receive will enable you to compare your fundraising performance against other charities in a thorough and structured manner. The information is arranged in 13 modules as shown: Overview of Information Structure

    The report also contains written analysis, charts, performance profiles and commentary on the results.

    The Fundratios 2014 summary report can be obtained when you join the project.


    Fundratios 2015 focuses on 2014 operations which for most charities means the year ending between December 2014 and March 2015. The data collection documents will be issued when you join.

    Who Takes Part?

    The project was developed specifically for the benefit of, and in co-operation, with leading charities such as yourselves. You will therefore be able to benchmark your performance against the best standards achieved. Many charities take part every year and the numbers taking part in the project have risen steadily. Participants are grouped by size of voluntary income so that they were able to compare with charities of a similar size. They also received the results of all other charities. Click here for a list of previous participants or here to see what participants have to say about the project.

    Benchmarking In Confidence

    The Centre has 50 years experience of organising confidential comparisons of organisational performance. In order to ensure confidentiality:

  • The report gives only ratios, not absolute numbers

  • Data is held by us under code number, not charity name

  • The names of the individual charities included will be listed - but not their code numbers

  • Each charity will be told only its own code number

  • If individual charities wish to disclose their identity to others in order to facilitate further benchmarking they are at liberty to do so

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