FUNDRATIOS – the Charity Fundraising Benchmarking Project

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Quotes from Participants

"Fundratios is probably the only consistent, detailed and independent assessment of performance across the spectrum of fundraising disciplines. It provides The Salvation Army with truly reliable and useful data for informing strategic planning, for convincing discussions with trustees, for motivating staff and for reassuring donors. All this means better fundraising!"

Julius Wolff-Ingham, Head of Marketing & Fundraising, The Salvation Army


"There's nothing like reliable, detailed benchmark data to help trustees understand fundraising realities, understand the differences between the key fundraising disciplines, and importantly, to support the case for further investment. It's also a useful piece of management information - in addition to your own internal targets and KPIs, an annual snapshot of how your operation stacks up against some of the biggest names is the sector is really helpful."

Jeremy Payne, (former) Director of Fundraising and External Relations, Samaritans


"In an ever more competitive and complex fundraising environment, where sound comparative performance data is scarce, Fundratios stands out as a beacon. Any charity serious about its fundraising performance should participate. The more charities which take part in Fundratios, the more authoritative it will be as the fundraising benchmark we need. Certainly at The Stroke Association, we find the annual Fundratios report a valuable tool for monitoring and planning."

Derek Wyeth, (former) Director of Fundraising, The Stroke Association


"Fundratios is invaluable as the only detailed, objective analysis of fundraising performance currently available. I have used Fundratios for several years to identify how each of our fundraising activities is performing in comparison with directly equivalent charities and to highlight areas we need to improve."

Tobin Aldrich, (former) Communications and Fundraising Director, NDCS


"To satisfy the public’s rightful expectation that the causes they support operate cost effectively, every charity has to know its cost income ratios are both appropriate in general and comparable to the best practice averages of the sector in particular. Internal data alone cannot do this which is why the long running Fundratios benchmarking initiative has always been supported by Barnardo’s. The insights it conveys to us are invaluable in determining the way we manage our investment in different fundraising methods. I’d be surprised if any cause can afford to be without these data."

Andrew Nebel, (former) UK Director, Marketing & Communications, Barnardo’s


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