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FloriBest - the Florists' Benchmarking Study

The Centre, in conjunction with the British Florist Association, the relay companies and Lantra, has developed a benchmarking project for florists.

The Florists' Benchmarking Study - FloriBeSt for short - enables florists to see quickly and easily how the profitability and productivity of their firm compares with other similar florists.

More than 60 different ratios are compared, including:

  • Gross and net profit margins

  • Gross & net profit per staff member

  • Sales per square foot

  • Sales per member of staff

  • Detailed staff costs

  • Detailed selling costs

  • Average order size

  • Rent and other premises costs

    In addition every florist receives around ten charts pinpointing their own performance. As with all the Centre's projects, the study is carried out in such a way that no absolute figures are used and no identities are revealed. Throughout it is entirely confidential.
    British Florist Association

    FloriBest is subsidised by the British Florist Association, Interflora, Teleflorist and Flowergram. This means that the cost can be kept down to just 120 + VAT, far less than the normal fee for benchmarking or for management consultancy.

    If you would like to take part, contact

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